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Tip for uploading to Mediafire

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1Tip for uploading to Mediafire Empty Tip for uploading to Mediafire on Sat Apr 20, 2013 9:57 pm


If you have a slower computer like an Atom, it can be very painful to upload to Mediafire due to all the new Flash and HTML5.

I found another upload method which is much lighter on your computer resources, it only uses Javascript.

Mediafire FileDrop

Create a new folder and name it whatever, eg. FileDrop.
Make it a filedrop when you create it. Copy the embed code and place it in the HTML of a blank webpage on your site, or just create a blank HTML file on your desktop and place the embed code into that. Open it up with your web browser and now you can upload to MediaFire without Flash and HTML5.

Although Flash and HTML5 can be disabled in the upload settings in your account, by doing that it does not give you any status of the upload when using the mediafire website to upload - and it is still a rather heavy GUI. So this work around is the lightest solution right now, and it gives you an upload status in percentage even with Flash and HTML5 uploading disabled in your account settings.

Once the file is uploaded you can go to your mediafire account and simply move the file from the FileDrop folder to a folder of your choice. In fact you can also share the link to that webpage (if it is on your website) and others could upload to your account.

Important. Only upload 1 file at a time.
Most if not all additional files will fail to upload.
Unless they are very small, like only a few MB.

PS. If you use Mediafire regularly and do not have a Pro account yet, I would highly suggest signing up for one.
You can offer direct downloads, download directly from other accounts, get full statistics, and upload over 200MB per file.
No more splitting up larger files, and the files are never removed.

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